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    The BACDT is happy to boast a membership consisting of a cross-section of clinical dental technicians committed and contributing to the progression of the industry through leading by example.

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    BACDT offers legal advice, scope of practice guidance and help with technical queries, together with bringing you economies of scale discounts and an authority and security that can only be found in numbers.

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    Buying a set of dentures, or dental implants and individual dentures, is an important purchase, and it is vital that you do as much research as possible before you make a final decision on the right solution for you.

Welcome to the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology

The British Association of Clinical Dental Technology is the professional association that looks to sustain and advance the ethical practice of clinical dental technology and clinical dental technicians. Set up in conjunction with the Dental Laboratories Association, the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology (BACDT) offers custom-made services that have been designed by industry experts to meet the everyday needs of the newly emerging profession.

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Cavities linked to reduced risk of head or neck cancer

A surprising new study suggests that individuals with more cavities in their teeth may be less susceptible to head or neck cancer. Researchers believe that this is due to bacteria producing lactic acid, which can lead to tooth cavities but also prevent cancer cells from developing. ‚ÄúThis as an unexpected finding since dental cavities have […]



Students urged to remember oral health

Tens of thousands of students have begun to settle into university life in the past few weeks, and they doubtless have other things on their mind apart from their teeth. But among the new lectures, new friends, and new levels of alcohol consumption, the British Dental Health Foundation is advising young people to remember to […]